Thuggizzle makes up his rhymes on the spot. Thuggizzle is a  prolific performer with a knack for banging out raps at a steady pace .

Who Is Thuggizzle?

  Thuggizzle is a millennial entrepreneur, philanthropist and above all a force to reckon with in the music industry today. Having redefined rap music overtime, Thuggizzle shows why he is called a poetic lyrical genius as he prides himself in the ability to go into the studio without ever writing anything down on paper and still comes out with full blazing songs. The Texas based rapper Thuggizzle is the true definition of freestyle rap music. He is one of the few artist that goes into the studio with the gift of a thought process that is out of this world. In today’s world most artist globally think that freestyling means to go in the studio and write free of style however Thuggizzle being a Texas native sees it different, he sees it as his passion, a call to redefine the music world. Thug says “In Texas when we rappers say we freestyle we are coming right off the head with no prior planning to what we are about to say”. Thuggizzle made a name for himself by freestyling all of music right off the head one time through. Every time he records he leaves people in the studio with their jaws dropped because of this incredible talent. Thuggizzle makes it look very easy, but this art requires true talent. Thuggizzle wants the world to know that his rap style is true to the hip hop culture.   (Read Thuggizzle's full bio)


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Thuggizzle - Life Before and After Foster Care

Musician Thuggizzle sits down with Bridget Smith to talk about life before and after foster care. While interviewing, freestyle rapper Thuggizzle is put on the spot and hits a freestyle.  The behind the scenes interview (full freestyle) is below .  (watch more interviews)

Thuggizzle Behind The Scenes Interview Freestyle

Freestyle Rapper Thuggizzle gets put on the spot and kicks a freestyle for Bridget Smith and the crew. Check out the musicians behind the scenes full freestyle clip. 

New Printable Thuggizzle - Wash your Hands poster

Thuggizzle Cares about spreading awareness NOT germs. Provided below is the NEW Thuggizzle Hand washing poster. Print it out hang it in your home, bathroom , office, or business!

Thuggizzle Hand Washing Poster (pdf)


About Thuggizzle

Thuggizzle freestyles off the dome. The ability to think of clever, intricate rhymes on the spot.

Thuggizzle's Story

What's Thuggizzle Up To?

Thuggizzle's Story

Born with the ability to compose spontaneous poetry. Phillip Hodge has developed a career in  hip hop music as the rapper Thuggizzle. Despite the wealth of talent the musician was born with the home life of his childhood...

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What's Thuggizzle Up To?

Thuggizzle's Story

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What's Thuggizzle Up To?

What's Thuggizzle Up To?

What's Thuggizzle Up To?

There is more to  freestyle rapper Thuggizzle than hip hop music! Check out what musician Thuggizzle is up to. Here you can not only watch music videos and listen to freestyles. Catch live streams of events that Thuggizzle takes part in and much more.